Wonder four ways with organic essential oils

Wonder four ways with organic essential oils - Tisserand Malaysia

With the colder weather, we see impact on our immunity, as well as our physical body.  So having a set of essential oils, ready to relieve the effects of seasonal germs, help clear congestion, boots immunity and circulation, plus support tired, achy muscles.

This  includes:

Eucalyptus Organic 9ml
Tea Tree Organic 9ml
Ginger Organic 9ml

I have outlined some of my favourite and practical ways to combine the oils in the Organic Essential Oils.


Holy Trinity immunity diffuser blend

2 drops of Eucalyptus Organic

2 drops of Tea Tree Organic

Added to a diffuser with up to 100 mls of clean water. Diffuse into the room if you have been feeling the effects of the seasonal germs and feeling a little congested. Diffusing this blend will also support as a preventative as it will boost your immune system.



Warming body oil or bath soak blend

2 drops of Ginger Organic

10ml of Grapeseed Oil

Once well blended, massage in slow circular motions onto the skin. Taking extra care to cover dry patches and areas prone to being drier, such as elbows.

Or you could add a cupful of Dead Sea Salts or Epsom Salts to the essential oils and blending oil and mix together. This creates the ultimate muscle bath soak for winter. Add the mixture to a warm bath, sit back and feel the muscles start to ease. Be careful when you get out of the tub, as the oils can make things a little slippery.



Night-time congestion relief oil

2 drops of Tea Tree Organic

2 drops of Eucalyptus Organic

10ml of Grapeseed Blending Oil

Blend the essential oils together and then add to the blending oil, stirring well. Decant into a small bottle or glass dropper.

Just before you go to bed take a few drops and gently massage into the chest area. Not only will the therapeutic properties of these oils help ease congestion, but the fresh aromas of the oils will also help relieve the feeling of blocked sinuses.