What is Patchouli Essential Oil good for?

What is Patchouli Essential Oil good for? - Tisserand Malaysia

Patchouli, a large-leaved herb native to tropical Asia with an earthy and woody aroma.

But where does Patchouli Essential Oil come from and what is it used for?

The leaves are dried and slightly scalded to aid the release of the aromatic molecules prior to steam distillation. Patchouli has a long-standing traditional use in the Middle and Far Eastern cultures and medicine, used in incense, as an insect repellent, in skincare and as a digestive tonic. Patchouli is still used in these ways today in modern Aromatherapy practice.

Patchouli’s tenacious, deep aroma will support you when you overwhelmed to help you feel centered and grounded. Patchouli essential oil is also considered an aphrodisiac, its sensual aroma elicits harmony and reduces mental chatter, helping you to ‘be in the moment’. Patchouli blends well with the florals, citrus, and spice Essential Oils, making it very versatile and a great base note for your blends.

Why not try using Patchouli Oil in the blends below, recommended by our in-house Aromatherapist?

Harmonising Diffuser Blend

Add the following essential oils to the water in your Aroma Spa Diffuser when you need to feel centred and grounded:

2 drops of Patchouli – Pogostemon cablin

1 drop of Ylang Ylang – Cananga odorata

5 drops of Lemon – Citrus limonum 

Enjoy experimenting and blending with your Patchouli Essential Oil, and tell us how you’re using yours! Tag us on Instagram

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Our essential oil expert, Jo Kellett TIDHA MIFPA CIMI, graduated from the Tisserand Institute of Holistic Aromatherapy in 1996. She returned to the college in 1999 as Essential Oil Therapeutics Tutor, where she taught until the college closed. Jo runs a successful private Aromatherapy practice in Brighton, specialising in Women’s health. Jo is also an internationally published author and has lectured on the subject of Aromatherapy both in the UK and abroad.

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