Spring clean the natural way

Spring clean the natural way - Tisserand Malaysia

Freshening up your home is the perfect way to re-energise in time for brighter months. And since spring is all about the natural world waking up, why not ditch the synthetic products and do it the natural way?

Our Essential Oils has everything you need to naturally refresh and purify your home. Now throw open your windows, and let’s get cleaning…

Why do we spring clean?

Many people feel a little slow and sluggish during winter, and a spring clean lets you mark a new season and start afresh.

A deep clean at this time of year also ties into various cultural traditions. Norouz, the Persian New Year, commences on the first day of Spring. Many Iranians practice a deep cleaning ritual called ‘Khooneh’, or ‘shaking the house’, prior to the festival. Similarly, it’s a traditional Jewish custom to thoroughly clean the house in preparation for the springtime feast of Passover.

Regardless of the season, cleaning is a powerful mood-boosting activity so spring’s as good a time as any to spruce up your space.

Why use natural cleaning products?

A lot of conventional cleaning products are full of caustic chemicals. They get washed down into waterways or released into the atmosphere and have a negative impact on the environment.

Using natural products is a greener and, well, cleaner way to freshen up your home. Not to mention, by incorporating essential oils in your cleaning routine you’ll reap the wellbeing benefits of aromatherapy too.

Now, how do you spring clean your home?

Spring clean checklist

Here are 5 ways to spring clean your home the natural way. You can use this as a checklist and tick off each one as you go.

1.    Clean countertops

When cleaning, it’s best to start at the top and work your way down. To tackle your countertops, add 10 drops of our Tea Tree essential oil to 250mls of white vinegar and 250mls of water in a spray bottle.

TOP TIP: Keep this all-purpose spray close by as it’s great for bathroom sinks and tiled floors too.

2.    Shiny surfaces

Want to make your wooden furniture sparkle like it’s never sparkled before?

Add 10 drops of Orange essential oil to 100ml of blending oil, such as Sweet Almond Oil, and stir them together. Dip a polishing cloth in and wipe over the furniture. To finish off, use a separate cloth, buff it up, and see it shine.

TOP TIP: take time to breathe in the refreshing zesty orange scent as you clean.

3.    Odour-free bins

Ahh, the bins. The spring clean chore we love to ignore.

To make doing the bins a bit better (and a lot less smelly) remove the bin bag and sprinkle two drops of Eucalyptus oil in the bottom of the bin. Once it’s dry, replace the bag and let the odour-eater get to work.

TOP TIP: if you find Eucalyptus a little harsh on its own, add 1 drop of Lemon to soften the aroma.

4.    Fresh Floors

To keep your floors fresh and germ-free, add 15 drops of our Eucalyptus essential oil to a bucket of hot water and get mopping.

TOP TIP: Mopping is a great way to get moving. Try combining with a fun activity, like dancing, to reap the wellbeing rewards.

5.    Scent booster

Now the final challenge is to keep your space clean all spring. To prolong the fresh scent around you’ll want to remove any unwanted aromas.

Simply mix 20 drops of your favorite essential oils and 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a small bowl. Add the mixture to a 100ml spray bottle, top up with water, and spritz into the air.

TOP TIP: shake the bottle thoroughly before each use to ensure it stays mixed